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                Trade Order Hotline: 0161 765 2010

                Manufactured in the UK - Classic show jumps
                Classic show jumps - hero banner image
                • We have the biggest range of mounting blocks in the world - Classic Show Jumps
                • Our best selling block has seven height variations, available in 11 colours - Classic Show Jumps
                • Our Hayholder - Solid, durable construction and will not crack - Classic Show Jumps
                • Best seller, maxi and extension jump set - Classic Show Jumps
                • Premium show jumps endless combinations with our show jumps - Classic Show Jumps
                • Best seller - our saddle carrier is light but very strong, and is available in 11 colours - Classic Show Jumps
                • Stock our treat toys next to feed supplies for an eye catching display available in 2 sizes - Classic Show Jumps
                • Our feed trucks are tough and mobile, available in 11 colours - Classic Show Jumps

                Welcome to Classic Showjumps, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic products for the yard, field and stable.

                A family run company, we don’t sell our products direct to the public, preferring to work exclusively with retailers and re-sellers across the UK. Why sell Classic Showjumps products?

                • Choice: we offer a broad product range in bold, attractive colours at competitive prices
                • Consumer appeal: our roto moulded products are ultra tough, versatile and easy to clean
                • Credibility: we involve experienced riders in the design of our products
                • Confidence: all our products are manufactured in Britain and made to last
                • Flexibility: we can accept orders for any quantity or value
                • Efficient delivery: means you don’t need to hold large quantities of stock on site

                We also offer a comprehensive retail support package. Find out more on?our support page.


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                Because Classic Showjumps manufacture the products it sells I know exactly what I'm getting and I'm confident I'm providing my customers with good quality British made products.

                Emma, JSW

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